Transducers & Measuring Systems

Strain gauges

Uniaxial, biaxial, triaxial, for metals, concrete, plastics & composites. Surface mounted and embedded. Crack gauges

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Tokyo Sokki

Displacement transducers

LVDT, strain gauge type, linear potentiometers, rotary potentiometers, draw wire, magnetoresistive, non contact, laser, 3D

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Applied Measurements / Waycon / RDP / Firstmark 

EddyLab / MTS sensors Positek / Tokyo Sokki /

Lord / Elastisense


Axial, biaxial, miniature, long gauge, circumferential; for metals, concrete, rock and asphalt specimens. Crack propagation


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Epsilontech / MTS

Load Cells

Tension, compression, tension & compression, submersible,  wireless; special lifting load cells


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Applied Measurements / RDP / Interface /

Straightpoint / Kistler / Tokyo Sokki / Sherborne Sensors

Pressure sensors & transmitters

Absolute, vented, gauge; differential, high pressure, high temperature, submersible, vacuum and sanction; flow measurement, flow elements,  manometers, pressure and flow calibrators, leak detectors


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Applied Measurements / Furness Controls / Schiltknecht /

RDP / Kistler / Tokyo Sokki

Inclination & Tilt sensors

Force balance, MEMS, capacitive, uniaxial and biaxial, wireless

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Jewell Instruments / Seika / Sherborne Sensors / Vigor Technology

Inertial sensors

Aided navigation systems, Attitude / Heading reference systems, inertial measurement

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Lord / Inertial Labs


Piezoelectric, piezoresistive, MEMS, ceramic shear, IEPE, shock & vibration accelerometers

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Kistler / Tokyo Sokki / SherborneSensors / Lord

Torque Transducers

Rotary, static, flange, high capacity, high speed, non contact, wireless

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Datum / Applied Measurements / Interface​ /

Manner / Kistler / Lord

Temperature sensors

Ambient, material surface, embedded. Thermocouples, RTD, handheld temperature and humidity meters, data loggers

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Labfacility / Lord

Wireless Systems

Wireless sensor networks,  nodes, gateways, software and cloud services.

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Lord / Newsteo / Manner / Applied Measurements

Engines Measurement Technology

Cylinder pressure; continuous, online and offline monitoring, engine peak meter, portable electronic indicator HLV, intake and exhaust pressure, crank angle encoder set

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Vehicle dynamics & safety

Wheel force transducers, pedal force transducers, non contact optical sensors, crash test barriers

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Kistler (vehicle dynamics)

Kistler (vehicle safety) / Tokyo Sokki / MTS

Manufacturing Processes Monitoring

Cutting Tool Dynamometers, Forming press monitoring, Welding Measuring Technology

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Plastics Measuring Technology

Direct, indirect, contact free cavity pressure measurement 


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Force plates, sports performance systems, motion & gait analysis, swimming performance systems


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Hand tools - Metrology

Micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, depth gauges, thickness gauges, fillers, bore gauges


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Bowers Group / Kafer / CDI


Instrumentation & Data Logging

Display units, signal conditioners, data loggers, communication and analysis software, calibrators, controllers, special systems

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Applied Measurements / DataTrack/ GW /

Tokyo Sokki / Pacific Instruments / Lord

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