Transducers & Measuring Systems

Strain gauges

Uniaxial, biaxial, triaxial, for metals, concrete, plastics & composites. Surface mounted and embedded. Crack gauges

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Tokyo Sokki

Displacement transducers

LVDT, strain gauge type, linear potentiometers, rotary potentiometers, draw wire, magnetoresistive, non contact, laser, 3D

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Applied Measurements / Waycon / RDP / Firstmark 

EddyLab / MTS sensors Positek / Tokyo Sokki /

Lord / Elastisense


Axial, biaxial, miniature, long gauge, circumferential; for metals, concrete, rock and asphalt specimens. Crack propagation


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Epsilontech / MTS

Load Cells

Tension, compression, tension & compression, submersible,  wireless; special lifting load cells


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Applied Measurements / RDP / Interface /

Straightpoint / Kistler / Tokyo Sokki / Sherborne Sensors

Pressure sensors & transmitters

Absolute, vented, gauge; differential, high pressure, high temperature, submersible, vacuum and sanction; flow measurement, flow elements,  manometers, pressure and flow calibrators, leak detectors


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Applied Measurements / Furness Controls / Schiltknecht /

RDP / Kistler / Tokyo Sokki

Inclination & Tilt sensors

Force balance, MEMS, capacitive, uniaxial and biaxial, wireless

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Jewell Instruments / Seika / Sherborne Sensors / Vigor Technology

Inertial sensors

Aided navigation systems, Attitude / Heading reference systems, inertial measurement

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Lord / Inertial Labs


Piezoelectric, piezoresistive, MEMS, ceramic shear, IEPE, shock & vibration accelerometers

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Kistler / Tokyo Sokki / SherborneSensors / Lord

Torque Transducers

Rotary, static, flange, high capacity, high speed, non contact, wireless

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Datum / Applied Measurements / Interface​ /

Manner / Kistler / Lord

Temperature sensors

Ambient, material surface, embedded. Thermocouples, RTD, handheld temperature and humidity meters, data loggers

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Labfacility / Lord

Wireless Systems

Wireless sensor networks,  nodes, gateways, software and cloud services.

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Lord / Newsteo / Manner / Applied Measurements

Engines Measurement Technology

Cylinder pressure; continuous, online and offline monitoring, engine peak meter, portable electronic indicator HLV, intake and exhaust pressure, crank angle encoder set

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Vehicle dynamics & safety

Wheel force transducers, pedal force transducers, non contact optical sensors, crash test barriers

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Kistler (vehicle dynamics)

Kistler (vehicle safety) / Tokyo Sokki / MTS

Manufacturing Processes Monitoring

Cutting Tool Dynamometers, Forming press monitoring, Welding Measuring Technology

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Plastics Measuring Technology

Direct, indirect, contact free cavity pressure measurement 


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Force plates, sports performance systems, motion & gait analysis, swimming performance systems


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Hand tools - Metrology

Micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, depth gauges, thickness gauges, fillers, bore gauges


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Bowers Group / Kafer / CDI


Instrumentation & Data Logging

Display units, signal conditioners, data loggers, communication and analysis software, calibrators, controllers, special systems

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Applied Measurements / DataTrack/ GW /

Tokyo Sokki / Pacific Instruments / Lord

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Wireless dynamometer
Vehicle dynamics testing
Vehicle crash barrier
Temperature monitor
Strain guage displacement transducer
Precision Manometer
Pressure sensor with Thompson adapter
Rotary torque sensor
Rotating multicomponent dynamometer
Signal conditioner
Pitot tubes
Performance Analysis System for swimming
MEMS triaxial accelerometer
MEMS Tilt meter
Force plate
Laser displacement transducer
Flange torque transducer
Digital dialgauge
Differential pressure transmitter
Data logger
Circumferential extensometer
Compression load cell
Charge amplifier
Angle Encoder set
Cavity pressure sensor
Capacitive inclinometer
Bore gauge