From a long standing list of globally recognized manufacturers, NEOTEK undertakes the supply and lifetime support of high quality products that meet International Standards.

Extensive variety of transducers and sensors for ordinary and demanding research and industrial applications. Data Loggers and telemetry systems.

On-site and Laboratory equipment for testing soils, asphalt, concrete, cement and aggregates to National and International Standards.

Sensors and instruments for monitoring major infrastructure projects, such as tunnels, dams, slopes, bridges, metro lines, etc.

Complete range of non destructive portable instruments for on-site testing of re-enforced concrete structures.

Electromechanical & servo-hydraulic, computer controlled, laboratory testing machines and systems for materials and structures.

Recorders and networks for long-term earthquake monitoring. Accelerographs and systems for structural monitoring, seismic simulators, vibrators and seismic isolators.

Broad range of practical equipment used for ground water monitoring. Field testing systems for agricultural sprayers.

A variety of high level software packages for verifying civil engineering structural models.

Measuring systems for flow and particle analysis suitable for a wide range of applications. Thermal Anemometry, Phase Doppler Particle Analysis, Laser Doppler and Particle Image Velocimetry Systems.