Level measurement

Water level, Temperature-Level-Conductivity, Interface meters

Dataloggers & Temeletry

Levelogger, Level-Temperature-Conductivity logger, Barologger, Rainlogger, Telemetry systems

Multilevel systems

Multilevel system for identifying horizontal and vertical contaminant distribution, Multilevel system for obtaining  groundwater samples,  hydraulic  head  and  permeability 

Groundwater samplers

Peristaltic pump, valve operating bailers, Biodegradable bailers

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Agricultural Sprayer Testing systems

Spray Test Equipment

Pressure gauge Tester

Passive flow meter

Horizontal & vertical patternator

Spray scanner  & tables

Pump tester and flow meter analyzers

Flow rate measurement

Electronic nozzle tester

Spray gun test unit

Software for sprayer inspection

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Field drift test bench
Spray scanner
Pump tester
Pump tester
Passive flow meter
Electronic Nozzle tester
Manometer tester
CMT Multilevel system
Interface Meter
Waterlevel meter
Peristaltic pump
CMT Multilevel system
Levelogger deployment options
Levelogger Telemetry system
Electronic Pump control unit