Geotechnical Monitoring


Standard & quick coupling inclinometer casing, classic portable inclinometer system, Vertical/Inclined/Horizontal digital portable inclinometer system, In-place inclinometers, Smart In-place inclinometers, Continuous Inclinometer Array system (SAA), Inclinometer data presentation software

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Slope Indicator / Soil Instruments / Measurand / Encardio Rite


Standpipe (Casagrande), Vibrating wire, heavy duty VW, Multi-level, pneumatic, hydraulic, 4-20mA, VW slim, push-in, VW low pressure piezometers

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Slope Indicator / Soil Instruments / Encardio Rite

Anchor Load Cells

Strain gauge center hole anchor load cell, VW center hole anchor load cell, strain gage high capacity load cell

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Soil Instruments / Encardio Rite

Pressure cells

Vibrating Wire earth/soil pressure cell, concrete pressure cell,  shotcrete-concrete pressuce cell, soil & rock concrete interface pressuce cell,  Jackout pressure cell

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Slope Indicator / Soil Instruments / Encardio Rite


Mechanical & electrical rod extensometers, continuous rod extensometer, magnet extensometer, measuring anchor, Sondex system, INCREX system, soil strainmeter, digital tape extensometer

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Slope Indicator / Soil Instruments / Encardio Rite


VW settlement cells, hydraulic overflow settlement cells, digital hydrostatic profile gauge, IS liquid levelling system

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Slope Indicator / Soil Instruments / Profound

Strain Gauges

Spot weldable, Arc weldable, embedment, concrete surface strain gauges, rebar strain gauges, shotcrete strain gauges

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Slope Indicator / Soil Instruments / Encardio Rite


Basset convergence system for tunnels, electrolevel beam sensors, surface mount tilt sensors, portable digital tiltmeter, rail track monitoring tilt sensors. Wireless sensors

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Slope Indicator / Soil Instruments / Encardio Rite / Neostrain

Crack & Joint meters

Uniaxial & baixial crackmeters, electrical (VW, potentiometric) or mechanical, triaxial jointmeter,  embedment jointmeter, displacement sensors

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Slope Indicator / Soil Instruments / Encardio Rite /

DRC / Saugnac Gauges / Neostrain

Temperature sensors

VW temperature sensors, Resistance thermistor probe, RTD temperature probe, thermocouples 

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Slope Indicator / Soil Instruments / Encardio Rite

Water level monitoring

Water levels, Leveloggers, V-notch weir monitor

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Slope Indicator / Soil Instruments / Encardio Rite / Solinst

Goodman Jack

for soft or hard rock, Marchetti dilatometer

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Slope Indicator / Marchetti  DMT

Cone Penetration Test (CPT)

Mechanical, electrical & seismic CPT cones, Soil Moisture system cones,  Stand alone, trail mounted, truck mounted on shore CPT systems, off-shore CPT systems, Acquisition & processing software

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Borehole logging

Electronic geological measuring instrumentation and associated software

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Vibration Monitoring systems

Ambient vibration monitoring, structural vibration monitoring, earthquake engineering

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ProfoundSequoia / MOHO

Seismic & Field Geophysics

Multichannel digital systems for active and passive seismic surveys, geophones, Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves, Continuous Surface Wave System


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MOHO SoilSpy / MOHO Electra


Rain, wind speed & direction, temperature, humidity

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Schiltknecht / EasyMeasures

Readouts, Loggers & Accessories

Portable readouts with or without logging capability, On-site fully automated dataloggers with or without telemetry, wireless networks, terminal and junction boxes, cables

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Slope Indicator / Soil Instruments /

Encardio Rite (readout) / Encardio Rite (data loggers)


Monitoring & processing cloud based software. A complete monitoring solution for topographic instruments, inclinometers, tiltmeters, piezometers, strain gauges, weather stations etc

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Survey targets

Bireflex, prism & mini-prism targets, building settlement points, ground and pavement settlement points

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Encardio Rite

Geological Compasses

Professional geological compasses, stratum compasses with or without clinometer, digital geological data collector

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V-Notch Weir monitor
VIBRA Vibration monitor
Hand held thermometer
Portable Digital Tiltmeter
Prism target
VW Settlement cell
VW Strain gauge
ARGUS Monitoring software
Total Pressure cell
Weather station
Standpipe Piezometers
Strain Gauge Anchor Load cell
Digital Portable Inclinometer
Easy Connect Inclinometer casing
Orientation Compass
Seismic Dilatometer
Magnet Extensometer
VW Minilogger
VW Triaxial Jointmeter
Standalone CPT system
Data Recorder drilling parameters
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